Installing a Dog Washing Station, Tub or Shower Stall in Your Jackson Heights, NY Home

Under many circumstances, there are quite a few pet owners who need to give their loyal dog family members a bath in the comfort of their own homes. Some dogs may be fearful or aggressive, or require special treatment when getting a bath, where other fur parents enjoy the pleasure of giving their faithful companion a well deserved luxury soak and massage. Having these pooches into the traditional bathtub and keeping them put while loving them giving them a bath, or perhaps wrestling, in the bathtub can be stressful for you and the pup. Having a pet bath station installed is more cost effective and highly beneficial for all parties involved. Considering that, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing would like to expound on installing a pet bath station.

Dog Washing Station Options

A Universal Dog Tub or Shower Stall: If you have the available space for a bathing station, the first step is to find the style or custom made basins, tubs, and bath stalls and browse through the selection. Several companies will market specialized dog bathtubs that include those that are featured for professional pet groomers, however, there are other tubs and sinks products that are designed for other uses that actually match very well to the needs of your pet, so be sure to keep an open mind when narrowing down the options. To further narrow it down, your local plumber can assist. For a seamless blend, you can find a company that custom designs the bath stall according to the size you need in conjunction with the available space and consulting a professional plumber so you know your limitations. Just as you would need professional assistance for tiling, design, and installation, the same is said for your pup’s bathing station.

Size & Elevation of Dog Bath Tubs

Along with available space in your home for the doggie bathing center, you also need to consider the size of your faithful friend. Larger dogs would be more beneficial having the bathing station installed on ground level so your heavy dog can easily walk in or out. Smaller dogs would be better off in an elevated basin so you can easily lift in and out as well as having them at counter-level to take pressure off your knees and back. For the elderly dogs, consider a ramp to help make it easier on their aging bodies.

Dog Friendly Hardware & Fixtures

The right tub is essential for your needs, but having the applicable customized fixtures to make bathing a hassle free experience is just as important. Mounting systems with a hand-held shower wand is helpful when washing down the pooch as more often than not, pet owners are juggling holding the wet dog in the bathing center with one hand and trying to rinse and wash your best friend with the other. Finally, after the essentials are selected, you will want convenience with shelves or bottle holders for the shampoo, brushes, and other equipment you often use when grooming. A cabinet can house the fresh towels and rubber non-slip mat can help your nervous dog from slipping and keeping a firm footing while in the bath. Even if your dog is not keen on bath time, a dog friendly tub not only adds a little commodity in your home but it help keeps Fido clean without the inconvenience of expensive dog grooming costs.

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When it comes the plumbing aspects of your dog-friendly bathing center, contact the professionals of Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing and let our experts serve you!

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