HVAC Air Balancing Procedure in The Bronx, NY; Is Air Duct Damper Closed & More

Your home whether it is a two story, one or an apartment in a multi level unit; has an air conditioning system. It is set up to cool or heat your home depending on how you set the thermostat. The unit has many working parts that smoothly adjust the room’s temperature to your own comfort. Now that you have it set to a degree that is best for you, have you ever noticed that one room is just not up to speed. You may notice that a room in the house is always opposite the rest. When you want the home cooled down butit remains hot. When you want the rooms all warmed up that particular room is cold. That obviously is not how the unit was intended to operate and this is actually a sign that there is a problem that needs to be repaired.

Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Lists Reasons Your Rooms May Not Have the Air Balanced

Air Duct Damper is Closed: There are some people that don’t realize it but the registers in each room have a damper. The register is the opening that the duct work leads to that particular room. It is a grating that covers the opening and helps to disperse the air into the room. The damper is the way that the amount of air is being sent into the room. You can adjust the damper to allow a lot of air or lessen it. If the damper has been adjusted to stop the air flow that particular room will be left either cold or hot. You need to be sure that the damper is open all the way so that the right amount of air is in the room. If you are not sure what way to adjust the damper you can enlist the help of an HVAC contractor.
Air Duct Damage: If you have checked the damper that leads to the room that is not adjusting to the right temperature you may have a leak in the air duct. The air duct is the channels that the air goes to get from the unit to each room. If there is any damage to the air duct the air will leak out and escape. The leak will not allow all the air to get to the room and therefore that particular room will not cool or heat as fast as the rest. This is damage that needs to be checked and inspected by a professional. They can also make the necessary repairs to the air duct to seal them back off.
Insulation: A huge help in keeping the home cooled of heated is the insulation in your home. There is insulation that is around the air ducts, in the walls and the ceiling. When you are lacking in insulation the room may not be able to hold the temperature well. If you want to add to the insulation in your walls you need to contact a contractor. If you want to have the air duct insulated you can call an HVAC company.

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