How to Keep Drain Pipes Clean & Prevent Hair in Clogged Drains in Flushing, NY

Clogs within your home’s plumbing can easily become a complete disaster, especially when left unchecked. For those home owners who regularly clean their drains of any obstruction and use drain cleaning agents will most likely suffer from fewer drainage clogs. However how many homeowners’ actually take the time to maintain clean drains? Very few will, on a weekly or monthly basis, clean out their drain. This means for those who don’t always remember to clean and maintain their drains, serious problems often occur. Clogs build up deep within the home’s drainage system and nasty plumbing backups begin to occur. Today Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing will share some basic tips on how to avoid clogs as you regularly maintain and clean your home drainage systems.

How to Keep Drains Clean & Fresh & Prevent Getting Clogged

Drainage Screens – You can easily find multiple sized screen drain covers to fit all of your home faucet drains. Kitchen, bath tubs or showers, as well as sink drains should have protective screens to prevent any large obstructions from entering your drains. Drainage screens are easily removed and cleaned and they are great for preventing clogs in your home’s drainage system.
Good Habits – Often loose strands of hair become a major culprit of many of our clogs. Once again drainage screens can help prevent the loose hair from flowing into the drains. However another good habit for those with a lot of hair is to brush your hair out before you shower or bathe. This will reduce the amount of hair that falls out during washing.
Washing Pets – For those with pets it is best to wash them outside, especially those with long hair or furry coats. However, we understand that during the cold winter months, most pet owners will treat their pets to a warm bath insider the home. Whether you’re washing your pet in a sink or bath tub, you will want to prevent their hair from entering the drains. You can do this by either using a screen or even a wash cloth placed over the drain. In so doing, you prevent the hair from entering the drain.
Garbage Disposals – Garbage disposals should never be exposed to oils, or grease. Additionally, the larger discarded food should be thrown in the trash can and not your garbage disposal. Smaller and minor waste is what a garbage disposal can actually handle. They are not meant for heavy duty disposal. Often clogs occur because too many people assume the disposal can handle the waste. However this is not true.
Teach Children – The smaller and curious one within the household often make their own experimentation on what can go down drains and toilets. Many clogs are due to our little one’s toys or experiments. It is important as your child is introduced to the toilet for potty training or is at the age they can access the sinks, is to teach them about what can go down the different types of drains and toilets and their correct usage. Hopefully this will cut out those little experiments and avoid future clogs.

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These few basic tips can greatly reduce clogs within your drainage system. With the additional efforts of regularly removing any minor obstructions and using drain cleaning agents, your home may never encounter any serious clogs. If you find you’re in need of a licensed plumber or if your HVAC system is in need of servicing, Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing can help with all your HVAC and plumbing needs. Contact us today.

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