How to Get Boiler Ready for Winter in Flushing, NY; Troubleshooting Solution Guide & More

The cooler fall temperatures are here and it’s only going to get colder. You want to be confident that your heating system will be up for the challenge. Your home has either a furnace or a boiler to keep you warm this winter. Since half of the energy used in your home comes from the heating and cooling system, it’s beneficial to make sure the system is as efficient as possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a new system installed, but you want to ensure that the system in your home is running at its best. This is the best way to stay warm all winter and keep more money in your wallet. If you have a boiler in your home that seems to be having issues, it’s a good idea to have it inspected to see if you should have it repaired or replaced. Some issues can be fixed and don’t always mean you need a new boiler.

Troubleshooting Guide to Boiler Problems & Solutions

1. Boiler Pilot Light. Boilers that start acting up may just have a pilot light that keeps getting burnt out by drafts or there might be something blocking the gas nozzle. The pilot light gives the boiler what it needs to kick on and should be the first think you check.
2. Boiler Thermostat. You may discover that you’re not getting the heat you’re looking for even though you’ve set the thermostat. This may be an issue with the thermostat. It needs to be checked to ensure its calibrated correctly and working properly. If not, it’s easy to replace.
3. Boiler Water Pressure. Boilers function by using water to warm your home. The boiler will pipe hot water or steam through registers in the rooms of your home. If there is a loss in pressure, the rooms can’t be heated effectively. Boilers can lose water pressure when pressure relief valves are broken. A leak can be anywhere in the system, so it needs to be looked at by professionals to figure out where it is and fix it.
4. Unusual Noises from Boiler. Noises you’re not used to are an indication something is not quite right. Deep rumbling noises, knocking, hissing or popping sounds are a sign or “kettling”. It is caused by limescale buildup in the boilers heat exchanger. This can’t be ignored. The system needs to be cleaned by professionals to remove harmful buildup. Boilers that are professionally cleaned will last longer and function at its best, saving money.
5. Strange Boiler Smells. Your boiler should not emit any smells. Even a slight smell needs to be investigated by professionals. Smells coming from the boiler can indicate a dangerous carbon monoxide problem. While carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, the smell is an indication that the boiler isn’t burning properly because of a possible leak.

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Replacing your boiler can be an unexpected cost. If you suspect a problem contact Agape Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We’re ready to make sure you’ll be warm all winter long. Call us to have your boiler inspected, serviced or repaired.

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