How to Clean Air Conditioner Condenser in Maspeth, NY; Spraying Water on AC & Other Maintenance Procedures

The home’s efficiency and overall effectiveness of how the air conditioner performs, maintenance and care are among the primary contributors. Both professional services and homeowner care is required to minimal energy offering effective operating costs, maximize its lifespan, the units’ performance, and maintain good conditioner. With this in mind, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing would like to elaborate on how to keep your outdoor unit clean.

Supplies Needed to Clean Air Conditioner Condenser

For sufficient cleaning, it is ideal to clean the exterior twice, the first time before you start using the cooling system and then the second time when you start using the heat system. Collect the following supplies before you get started.
– Shop vacuum
– Screwdriver
– Rags
– Pipe Cleaner or Soft-Bristled Brush
– Garden Hose
– Fin Comb
– Replacement filter

AC Condenser Cleaning Preparation

Clear the sticks, branches, leaves, or any other debris surrounding the outdoor air conditioner unit. Around the exterior unit any weeds that are encroaching needs to be pulled, as well as any grass, tree branches, and shrubs need to be trimmed. Make sure to maintain 3 feet of clearance around the unit. Clear out the clutter, vegetation and debris. The unit needs to be sitting level as well.

Spraying Water on AC Condenser & Cleaning Procedures

Make certain the power is cut off to the unit before starting. Use wet/dry vacuum with soft-bristled attachment will extract any dust, dirt, or other small debris that may have accumulated on the fins. A fin comb or even a butter knife or other thin object is effective for straightening should any you find any fins that are bent and need to be straightened to their original position. Use a strong spray nasal attachment to the garden hose, spray away the debris after you locate and remove the air conditioner’s filter if it the reusable type next. In the event you are not sure where the filter is, consult the owner’s manual. As needed, replace dirty fiber or cardboard filter by removing the top access panel by taking out the screw and carefully placing the panel aside. If the unit is a condenser coil that has collected dirt, dust, debris and other buildup, the function is impeded. The shop vac is effective to clean the majority of the debris. With a garden hose, spray away the remaining the residues. When using the vacuum and hose, avoid causing damage to the coils or fins be careful. You can use a damp cloth to clean off the fan blades usually should the fan vents and vacuum or wipe away any buildup of debris. After everything is clean and the layers of dust and debris are thoroughly removed, replace the access panel and secure it with the screws. Once the access panel is replaced, you can power on the unit.

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Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing includes exterior A/C unit cleaning during maintenance services. If you feel your unit is in need of a cleaning and do not want the responsibility of doing it yourself, we are happy to ensure the unit is clean. Contact us today!

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