How Often Should a Gas Furnace Be Serviced in Queens, NY? Heating Tune Up Checklist

When it comes to the HVAC system it is important that all the maintenance from the owner and professionals are completed throughout the year to ensure that efficiency is up to par along with the overall condition and longevity of your system, including the furnace. Where it is optimal to get your furnace tuned up at the start and end of the season, you should have the service once a year and we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing would like to take the opportunity to talk to about furnace tune-up services. Below you will find a few examples as to why you schedule your furnace tune up annual.

Importance of Gas Furnace Inspections & Tune Ups

1) Airflow Efficiency: The technician will generally check your heating system to ensure it is receiving the proper airflow during the furnace tune-up. If the airflow is restricted or limited airflow unnecessary strain on your furnace will occur, which can then lead to increased repairs and a shortened lifespan.
2) Energy Efficiency Improvement: A cleaning and inspection of the furnace burner and heat exchanger is performed in the furnace tune-up. Additionally, the service will make certain of the safe operation of your furnace and ensure it runs efficiently all winter.
3) Maintains Manufacturer’s Warranty: It is especially important for you to get an annual furnace tune-up, if your heater is under a manufacturer’s warranty. Most warranties often stipulate that it will become void if the heater is not regularly maintained. Investing in a furnace tune-up can satisfy that requirement and maintain your warranty as well as the other advantages.
4) Minimize Furnace Repairs: Heating problems could be easily prevented with regular maintenance. Not only will a furnace tune-up catch small problems before they turn into major repairs, but since it includes cleaning that keeps your furnace running efficiently.
5) Safety: As furnaces burn fuel to produce heat, the combustion process must be precise to maintain efficiency as well as safety. Miniscule issues can lead to gas leaking into your home or dangerous carbon monoxide levels. More often than not, if there is a dangerous gas leak, the tune-up service will catch it.
6) Saves Time: Much more convenient than waiting for a repairman during the winter in a cold home without heat, not to mention cheaper, is ideal when you opt for a professional tune-up service just before the cold season.

Furnace Preventive Maintenance Tune Up Checklist

Below is the general tasks completed during a professional tune-up service.
– Blower wheel: Clean and assess the overall condition.
– Burner compartment: Thoroughly remove dust and scale from the compartment as well as other such components.
– Burner flame: Inspect essentials such; gas and air adjustment, clean burner.
– Carbon monoxide: Check for unsafe levels of CO.
– Combustion chamber/heat exchanger: Assess the overall condition.
– Controls: Inspect operational control sequence along with the safety controls and thermostat
– Flame sensor/pilot safety timer: Inspect the condition and if necessary make replacements if necessary.
– Furnace filters: Asses the condition and replace if necessary.
– Motors: Assess performance and add lubrication where necessary and replace any worn belts and tighten hardware.
– Pilot/igniter: Clean and inspected performance.
– Vent pipe to chimney: Assess the condition of pipe and draft intensity.

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At Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing, our technicians perform a comprehensive furnace tune-up to ensure your furnace is operating at peak performance and to offer the benefits and advantages this service has to offer. Call us today to schedule your furnace tune-up service.

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