How Important is a Clean Furnace Air Filter in Throggs Neck, NY & Clogged Filter Symptoms

To ensure it runs at peak performance, your HVAC system requires care, maintenance, and professional services. With the contributing diligence from the owners and the professionals, the overall of the system can be kept in optimal condition. One of the most common maintenance needs that are often the most overlooked is changing the filters. This minuscule task can lead to consequences if left unattended to. With that in mind, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing would like to take the opportunity to discuss the negative impacts that can easily be the product of dirty filters.

Problems Caused By Clogged Air Filters

1) Short-Cycling: During air conditioning season, it will cycle on and off when it is needed throughout the day. If the filters are compacted with debris it will result in the A/C cycling far more frequently than what is required. Uncomfortable conditions in the home, adding pollution caused by frequent cycles, as well as wasted energy and cost are the byproducts.
2) System Inefficiency: When your HVAC system tries to compensate for the dirty filters, whether you are trying to save a few bucks from changing to the filters less frequently, or simply forgot, the system works over time; added operating cost and wear and tear is to be expected. The compact debris is still restricting airflow, making the system perform poorly, which creates hot and cold spots; pointing to inefficiency.
3) Allergies: The air filters collect many different particles, among the debris are allergens. Those sensitive to dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and other such contaminates frequently increase the allergy symptoms. Simply by keeping the air filters clean can not only spare your HVAC systems, but allergies and asthma attacks are often reduced. The indoor air quality improves significantly by changing the air filters as needed, sparing those with respiratory problems from increased attacks.
4) Frozen Coils: The debris that is floating in the air accumulates into the air filters while still allowing air to pass. The airflow gets restricted when the air filter experiences excessive buildup. The coils will freeze up without sufficient airflow causing the overall performance to dwindle as the coils are unable to conduct their function. During the air conditioning months, it will prevent the home from getting cool and cause additional problems as time continues in this state.
5) Excessive Wear and Tear: The air filters are designed to contain an allotted amount of debris. Once it gets to full capacity, not only will other problems occur, but the debris that cannot be gathered will continues to float in the air and settles on the surfaces, including in the HVAC units. The lubricant dries out; the added grit expedites the wear, and the moving parts re hindered. If the various continue to operate under these conditions, repairs that could be avoided will occur.

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By keeping up on your air filter changes, you avoid many of the above common problems and so much more. Experts recommend that air filters be replaced at least every three months. However, in homes that have a full house, pets, smokers, and those that suffer from allergy and asthma problems, check the filter once a month and change it when the debris is blanketing the filter. If your home or business’s HVAC system is in need of repairs, maintenance, or inspection services, contact the experts of Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing.

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