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The air conditioner’s compressor is an essential component that creates the needed cool air. When the compressor begins to wear down and fail, it will display certain signs or symptoms. It is best to have the compressor replaced before complete failure, leaving your home unbearably warm. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing will share what signs to watch for when the compressor begins to fail.

Air Conditioner Clicking Noise

It is normal for an air conditioner to make some noise when turning on or off. However, not all noises are normal, such as a ticking noise. When you hear a ticking noise coming from the air conditioner when it is turning on, this can be a sign the compressor is failing to start. If you are hearing a ticking noise just before the air conditioner kicks on or off this is a sign the compressor is struggling and needs attention. The ticking noise may be that the compressor relay switch needs to be replaced which is a quick and easy fix.

Outdoor AC Unit Leaking Water

When there is a leak or puddle around the air conditioner, this is a sign of a refrigerant leak coming from the compressor. Not only will there be a leak or puddling, your air conditioner bill will go up. A refrigerant leak can cause major problems to the air conditioner and the health of the household. When there is a leak developing around the air conditioner, turn it off and have the system checked by a licensed HVAC technician.

Weak Air Flow from Vents in House

Not always an easy tell, but at times a weak air flow from the air vents can be a sign that the compressor is in trouble. When the compressor first develops a problem, the air flow will diminish slightly. As the problem continues the air flow will become weaker and weaker until the problem worsens considerably. Weak air flow can also point to a failing fan motor or blower. In any case, a weakened air flow is a sign to call an HVAC technician.

AC Blowing Warm Air

Combined with weakened air flow, you may also notice the air feeling warm as it comes from the vents when a compressor begins to fail. The compressor is the primary component that creates the cool air. When the compressor begins to fail it will not be near as effective, leading to warmer and warmer air coming from the air vents. However, warmer air can also point to a refrigerant leak. Again to determine the cause of the warmer air seek out professional assistance as soon as possible.

Suction Line Restriction

A blocked suction line occurs in the refrigerant system. The result of a blocked suction line is overheating. When a unit overheats, often the first component to break is the compressor. If the refrigerant line isn’t replaced, the compressor will overheat and eventually fail. When the refrigerant line develops blockage, seek out professional assistance soon to prevent total compressor failure and more.

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