Gas & Electric Water Heater Problems in College Point, NY Like Running Out of Hot Water in Shower

You may not give a lot of thought to the ease we have of getting hot water. All it takes is to turn the handle to hot and wait a few seconds. Then hot water streams out and you can shower, wash your clothes or do the dishes. These are things that are taken for granted until all of a sudden the source of that hot water is gone. The hot water that you have throughout your home comes from the water heater. It is often placed in the basement or garage of your home and the tank is full of water. The water is heated by either using gas or electricity and a gauge sets the temperature that the water needs to get to. When the water in the tank is used in the home it will refill and the heater will kick back on causing the water to reach the desired temperature again. If you find yourself without hot water the water heater is the first place to check.

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Running Out of Hot Water in Shower: Are you only able to get one shower with hot water? After the first shower the water may start to run cold already. Maybe when you get the hot water started it will not get as hot as you want. These are two separate issues but can be from the same problem. When the water heater is set up there is a dial that is set that determines the temperature that the water should reach. This is the temperature gauge and if your water heater is set too low it can run out of hot water quite fast. It can also mean that you are not getting the level or hot water that you want. You can have this dial adjusted and that will allow the water in the tank to get hotter. The other problem can be from the water heater tank being too small for your home. A professional will know depending on the size of the home and the amount of people that live there what size will be better.
Hot Water Heater Making Humming, Hissing, Squealing, Gurgling or Popping Sounds: The water heater should be able to fill with water, empty the water and heat it without making noise. The unit is manufactured to work without causing much noise because it is designed to be inside a home. When the unit starts to make noise like popping or clanking it can be due to sediment build up. If you have hard water in your home the water heater can become full of the sediment and that can cause noise. The sounds can be repaired by having a professional out to flush out the unit. Cleaning out the sediment and refilling the tank is often times enough to get the water heater back to work.
Hot Water Heating Leaking from the Top or Bottom: If you have a water heater that is leaking there are several reasons. There can be some easy fixes for the leaking water heater but if there is a larger problem it can lead to some major water damage. When the entire tank starts to empty out it can get in your house and cause water damage to the carpets, floors and walls. If your unit starts to leak you want to be sure that you have a professional out right away to repair it or replace it.

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