Garbage Disposal Problems & Solutions in Bayside, NY; Jammed, Leaking, Clogged Drain & More

It’s impossible to think about cleaning up after a meal without a garbage disposal, right? Knowing what might be wrong when it starts to have problems can have it up and running in no time. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing outlines common garbage disposal problems.

1. Garbage disposal becomes jammed

If you flip the switch and hear a hum you will know that something has become jammed in between the impellers and the shredding ring. You will need to cut the power at the electrical box. You will then need to insert an offset wrench into the slot on the bottom of the disposal and turn it clockwise and then counterclockwise. This should clear up the jam. You can then turn the power back on and push the reset button. Turn the water on and flip the switch a few times to completely remove what caused the jam.

2. Garbage disposal leaking from top, side or bottom

If you notice a leak, you’ll need to turn the disposal off. You can remove the disposal with a clockwise turn from the bottom if a top flange is leaking. You can use new plumber’s putty or a drop of silicone caulk if you find that the mounting bolts are too tight. Install a new flange, replace the disposal and turn the power on. Check to see if it’s still leaking and call a plumber if it is.

3. No power to garbage disposal; need to reset?

First, make sure you don’t hear a humming sound. No noise means no power. Check to see if the power cord has become loose. Check the reset button and push it if its popped out. Check to see if the circuit breaker needs to be reset. If you still have no power after that you may have a damaged disposal or a bad switch, you may need an electrician and/or a plumber.

4. Clogged drain

If your sink is filling up with water, it’s because the disposal won’t drain or is having a problem draining. You will need to disconnect the S or P shaped drain trap and remove the clog. If you can’t find a clog it’s likely that the clog is in the line that connects to the wall. You can try to use a plunger to force the clog through. You can also insert an auger cable into the drain to try and locate the clog. Gentle pressure should work the clog through. Use hot water to flush the drain once you have removed the clog.

5. Garbage disposal blades not spinning freely

You will need to check the flywheel if you’ve removed a clog and the disposal blades still aren’t moving. Make sure all power to the garbage disposal is turned off and use a hex wrench to detach the flywheel. You will then be able to clean out any accumulated debris. There may also be debris in the impellers that might be causing the problem. You may be able to sharpen the blades to prevent future clogging, but you will need to check the owner’s manual before doing so.

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It’s easy to forget how great a garbage disposal is until you start having problems with it. If you can’t get it working on your own contact Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. We can handle any type of plumbing problem. Call us today!

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