Garbage Disposal Preventive Maintenance in Manhattan, NY; Cleaning Instructions & More

By design, the garbage disposal is meant to work hard. With the demand of multiple use throughout the day every day, they experience a lot of wear. Garbage disposals can potentially be pricy if the damage is extensive and too much abuse can kill it before its time. Garbage disposals are susceptible to producing odors and clogs are also frequent. Investing in a quality garbage disposal often inspires people to make it last. With that in mind, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing would like to share some tips that can keep your garbage disposal in optimal condition and contribute to possibly lasting longer than the expected life expectancy.

Garbage Disposal Do’s & Don’ts

1) Routine garbage disposal cleaning. In between the blades and nooks and crannies, food particles and other residues and debris often accumulate. Cleaning the buildup should be done on a regular basis to keep it running efficiently and reduce the horrendous smells.
Cleaning the garbage disposal: Perform this maintenance every 3 days or so for homes with more than 3 members and under 3 people, clean the disposal once a week. Using vinegar, fill ice cube trays and let them freeze. After they are frozen, dump them in the garbage disposal and run it with the cold water flushing through. The vinegar neutralizes the odors and ice cubes will free the debris as it sharpens the blades.
An additional cleaning tip to help combat odors is to run citrus peeling through the garbage disposal. Pour a pot of boiling water down the drain with disposal (do not run the disposal) this will loosen debris and flush the residues sticking to the surface.
2) Only use cold water when the garbage disposal is running. Running only cold water when the garbage disposal is on is essential for a number of reasons. The cold water lubricates the blades to keep them running smooth. Keeping the water flushing through pushes the chopped-up food down the drain and the cold water keeps the engine from over-heating.
3) Never dispose of grease through the garbage disposal. Grease is on the top list of the garbage disposal’s enemies. Grease will eventually clog as the grease deposits buildup, which makes it cease up or malfunction. In many cases, the damage derived from grease makes the garbage disposal irreparable and it will need to be replaced. Grease needs to be avoided at all costs to prevent unnecessary damage.
4) Ensure you do not put the wrong things through the garbage disposal. Should you attempt to run various substances, foods, and objects that are not intended to be run through the garbage disposal, it can destroy the disposal. Plastic and metal are the primary examples. These items will get caught in the moving parts and keep the garbage disposal from functioning, which will overheat the motor and render the unit useless. If you are unsure about what can go in the garbage disposal, consult your manual.

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