Furnace Making Loud Knocking, High Pitched, Vibration, Banging & Other Noise in Ozone Park, NY

New furnaces are relatively quiet, however, over time and use, the furnace can develop unusual noises. Generally, the noises can be removed or controlled through the home furnace maintenance services. When it comes to furnace noises, there are some more telling than others. Today, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing would like to elaborate on the furnace noises in your New York home.

Normal Furnace Sounds

While the furnace runs, there are suitable amount of noises. The condenser unit buzzing, air moving through the air ducts, and the sound of the home furnace lighting are all normal. Every part of the home furnace system bears stress and wear with each cycle. As a result, parts can change, and they produce noises. These include the following:
– Worn or burnt wiring
– Dried out and splintered rubber bands
– Fire exchangers glue shut
– Freezing evaporator coils
– Corroded or cracked drain pans
– Full air filters
– Air ducts tears
These are also abnormal sounds that when they occur, it is in your better interest to turn off the furnace and contact a professional for assistance.

My Furnace Makes a High Pitched Noise

When metal pieces rub against other metal pieces within the home furnace, the screeching noises produce. After extended periods of use, this is generally when parts come undone. Most likely, the screeching noise comes from the blower motor. The screeching sound stems from the blower motor scrapes against the casing when the furnace is running. Over time, the repeated scraping parts are further damaged. If this occurs over extended time frames, the entire blower motor may need replacement.

Furnace Vibration or Wheezing Noises

Dirty air filters commonly make wheezing sounds. A clean air filter promotes efficient air passage to be heated or cooled and dispersed through the home. When the filters are filled to capacity, the air flow is limited. The air slipping through the restricted space produces the wheezing sounds. Every month or two, homeowners should replace the filters. Maintaining filters prevents the wheezing noises and provides a clean and efficient furnace.

Furnace Makes Banging Noise

When screws, nuts and bolts loosen in the furnace, the banging noises are simulated. These screws belong to covers and shields for the most part. Loose covers clap against the apparatus creating this noise from the running furnace causing vibrations. Different home furnace services are needed, depending on the severity of the banging. Though the exposed lids and covers are not an initial threat, it does risk the damage to occur over time. Open covers expose interior parts in addition to the obnoxious noises. The heating process is interfered with the grime, dust and other obstruction to enter.

Whining Noise from Furnace

From lack of care as older parts expand, droop or detach and scrub against other parts, the whining and squealing noises can develop. Troubled shaft bearings or damaged motors may come from a loose or worn blower belt. Under these circumstances, the furnace should not be used. Energy spending increases, or the running furnace can continue to be damaged or compromise the equipment.

Furnace Troubleshooting, Repair & More in Bedford Hills, Manhattan, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & The Bronx, New York

With proper maintenance, such as tune-ups and inspections, you can prevent many of these noises from occurring and the risk of damage that follows suit. If you are experiencing strange sounds or want to avoid it, call Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing and let us do the rest.

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