Furnace or Boiler & Air Conditioner Packages in Whitestone, NY; Replacing Heating & Cooling at Same Time

Often when a homeowner needs to replace their furnace, boiler or air conditioning unit they wonder if they should replace the entire system. There are a number of benefits to replacing both air conditioning and heating unit at the same time. For those who are faced with this dilemma, Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing will share the benefits of replacing both units at the same time and why so many homeowners often choose to do so.

Pay Cost of One HVAC Inspection & Labor Rather than Two

More often than not, when one of the conditioning systems age and break down, the other is soon to follow. Therefore, it helps to reduce some of the cost to replace both units at the same time. When one unit breaks down, ask your HVAC technician to inspect the other unit. If the inspection reveals that it too will soon break down, you might find it best to replace both. This way you only have to pay the labor and inspection service once. Although it may cost more to replace both the air conditioner and boiler or furnace units, it becomes cost effective to pay once for labor and service fees.

Reliable Heating & Cooling

The average life span of both a furnace or boiler and air conditioner are about 15 to 20 years. By replacing them at the same time you know you have a reliable heating and cooling unit. Additionally, if your home HVAC systems are on the older side, you are mostly likely spending more money than necessary on heating or cooling your home. Modern or more advanced units use much less energy to cool or heat the home. Some units can save almost 50% of energy. For maximum energy efficiency, replacing both the furnace or boiler and air conditioner is recommended.

Correct Size Furnace & AC Unit

There are also more size ranges to suit each home’s needs. By matching the right size unit for your home, it will also improve the cost of your utility bills. Sometimes too small of a heating unit or air conditioner was installed which means the unit is working harder to heat or cool the inside of the home. If the units that were installed were too big for your home, then you’re paying more money to run a larger unit for no reason. This is why furnaces and air conditioners are designed to control certain amounts of interior square footage to help find the prefect balance. Not only do modern air conditioner and furnace units run more efficiently, they are also designed to cool individual homes and their specific interior.

HVAC System Warranty

Warranty is another major benefit. When you replace both units at the same time the warranty follows both units. In most cases the warranty of the older HVAC systems has expired. When you replace both units, the warranty will cover both to insure that if there is a malfunction or a part breaks it can be fixed with no additional cost.

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The main benefit of replacing both the furnace and air conditioner is the reliability. When your HVAC system ages and needs to be replaced, often they break down at the worst time of the year or when you need them most. If your HVAC system or both the air conditioner and furnace or boiler is old and wearing down, it is beneficial to replace them both for the assurance your home will stay comfortable all year along. If you need your HVAC system inspected, replaced, or repaired, contact Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today.

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