Bad Central Air Conditioner Compressor Capacitor Symptoms, Test, Repair & Part Replacement in Queens, NY

There are many components that work together to make your home’s air conditioner function and work properly. There are a few key components that commonly fall short, one of them is the capacitors. Today, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing would like to further elaborate on the capacitors.

What Does an Air Conditioning Capacitor Do?

The A/C capacitor is also referenced as a run capacitor and it powers an air conditioning system through a small, cylindrical object that sends energy to the motor. The initial boost the air conditioner needs to turn on and also provides continuous power for it to keep running is given by way of the AC capacitor. In an air conditioning system, the capacitor is just one component and though it is relatively small, it is a vital component and due to the demand, it is fairly prone to malfunctioning. If the capacitor falls short, the air conditioner cannot function properly.

Symptoms of Bad AC Capacitors

The capacitor could be the prime suspect with the air conditioner does not blow cold air. There are a few simple solutions you should check however, such as first trying the air filter replacement. Once you rule out other avenues, the bad A/C capacitor may demonstrate the following symptoms:
– Humming sounds emitting from the a/c
– Air conditioner won’t power on
– The air conditioner takes longer than normal to power on
– The A/C doesn’t shut off on its own
– There is no cool air blowing

Test A/C Capacitor

Check outside toward the air conditioner’s condenser unit if above apply by looking through the vents for the fan on top of the unit. Should you find that the fan is not spinning, use a long screwdriver to slide through the vent carefully to push the fan blades, if the fan starts and continues to spin, the capacitor is likely faulty. The capacitor is likely broken if the air conditioner is making a humming noise but not running.

DIY VS Professional AC Repair

Where there are part replacement and repair guides often found online, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to ensure it is properly repaired. Not only for efficiency of the repair, but many warranties become void if the unit is not repaired by a certified technician. Additionally, those not formally trained can in the end cause more damage than what they solve. When you experience problems with a faulty air conditioning capacitor, you want a skilled professional that is licensed and experienced in the field to ensure the part replacement and overall repairs are done with precision and care to ensure that the air conditioner is operating to its full potential.

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