Average Life of a Gas Furnace & When to Replace Heating System in College Point, NY

The cool weather is here to stay! That means that your everyday life will start to adjust. Most people spend more time indoors and drink more hot cocoa. The reason you head indoors is to warm up from the cold temperatures. If your home is not as warm as you like you may have a problem with your heating system. There are several types of heating systems but a few of the most common are a furnace and a boiler. If you have a furnace in your home and you are wondering when to replace it there are some signs that you can look for.

Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Lists Signs for When to Replace Your Furnace

Is Your Furnace Making Noise: One of the most common things that start happening when your furnace is at the end of its life is noise. The furnace is manufactured to run well without too much noise since it is supposed to be in a home. There are several sounds that each mean something else that you might start to hear. There could be popping from sediment build up, squealing from bad belts and rattling because the pressure is not balanced out correctly. If you are hearing unusual noises call to have your furnace replaced.
House Smells Musty but No Mold: The unit is made to warm the air and send it throughout your home to increase the temperature. The problem comes when the unit is old and starts to accumulate dust and other allergens. These are then sent through the duct work and in your home leaving it smelling duty and musty. There are some cleaning services that can be tested out but often the furnace will need to be replaced.
High Energy Bill: When you start using the furnace and you notice that your energy bill has increased from the years past, the unit may need to be replaced. The older the unit is the more wear and tear and that effects the efficiency. The harder it has to work the more energy is has to use and that will increase your bill. The best way to adjust the amount of energy that you are using is to have a new furnace installed.
How Old is My Furnace?: With any appliance there is always a lifespan that it is expected to last. The furnace is an appliance that is made to last some time. The only way that you will get the full life of the unit is to care for it on a regular basis. It will need to be cleaned and inspected for any damage that may be in need of repair. You also want to ensure if there is any parts that need to be replaced you have it done. This will extend the life of the unit.

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